October 12-14, 2022 – Tbilisi, Georgia

EJTA Annual General Meeting & Conference

Media and Trust: Teaching Journalism Students how to Work with Trustworthy Sources and Deal with Untrustworthy Media Environments

Media and Trust: Teaching Journalism Students how to Work with Trustworthy Sources and Deal with Untrustworthy Media Environments

EJTA AGM and Conference 2022 takes place in the capital city of Georgia, Tbilisi. The University of Georgia will be the host and Rooms Hotel Tbilisi will be the conference venue.

The University of Georgia



  • October 12 – Meetings: EUfactcheck / DJ taskforce / Inclusive Journalism / COPE
  • October 13 – EJTA AGM, Trip to Kakheti
  • October 14 – Teaching Journalism Students how to Work with Trustworthy Sources and Deal with Untrustworthy Media Environments

Accommodation and getting there

This year’s theme for EJTA Conference is about media and trust, namely interference in editorial independence and self-censorship, donors and funders to protect freedom of media, support of independent journalism, sustainable and viable future for young journalists, safety of sources will be discussed. Conference will highlight best practices and challenges of teaching journalism students how to work with trustworthy sources and deal with untrustworthy media environments.

The background of the theme stems from following reality, the world is undergoing unprecedented levels of media change, with a shift of media consumption from traditional to digital channels and especially onto online platforms. This has had major implications for the complex system of media funding, ethics and regulation. The media sector is faced with major financial difficulties and decline of trust. Not surprising, as consuming news and information on social media involves challenges ranging from a lack of factchecking, confusion about news sources to online disinformation, hateful rhetoric and electoral manipulation. An independent and thriving media holds governments and businesses to account and empowers citizens to make better decisions for themselves and their communities.

Societies in which journalists are able to report freely and professionally are safer and more inclusive. Institutions are more transparent and accountable, and power and resources are distributed more justly.

The vital role that journalists play is increasingly under attack around the world. The profession faces unprecedented economic and technological challenges. Rising government control of the news industry, disruption of traditional business models, rapid changes in how people consume news, growing competition from alternative media, proliferation of misinformation and disinformation, and the resulting erosion of public trust in news sources undermine accurate and impartial journalism. At the same time, there has been an alarming increase in attacks on journalists globally.


  • Mamuka Andguladze

    Mamuka Andguladze

    Transparency International Georgia, Program Manager

    Mamuka Andguladze manages the media project at Transparency International Georgia. Mr Andguladze holds the LL.M and PhD degrees in Human Rights and Media Law from Saarland University in Germany. In different times, Mamuka Andguladze worked at Council of Europe as Media Pluralism and Internet Governance projects’ officer.

  • Nino Nakashidze

    Nino Nakashidze

    Deputy Director General of Mtavari Channel

    Nino Nakashidze has a diverse and rich experience as a university professor, a politician and a diplomat. Nino has PhD in linguistics and teaches European Politics at the University of Georgia.

    During 2003 elections, Nino was elected to the Georgian Parliament serving as a Chair of the Committee on the European Integration from 2004 through 2008.

    In 2009 she was appointed as Ambassador of Georgia to the Czech Republic. In March 2013, Nino took the position of a Deputy Director General of the Rustavi2 Broadcasting company. In July 2019 when the majority of journalists left Rustavi2 to protest the change of editorial policy, Nino joined the newly founded independent “Mtavari Channel”.

    Nino has been actively involved in the fight for freedom of expressions and the rights of journalists.


Breakout Sessions

Breakout I – What are the key principles that need to be in place to guide donors and funders to protect freedom of media and support independent journalism?

Breakout II – Sustainable and viable future for new generation of journalists

Breakout III – How to stay independent in untrustworthy media environments.

Breakout IV – The role of media education to improve societal resilience to disinformation.

Breakout V – How can media space and education be changed to ensure that journalists feel safe to do their invaluable work and ensure accountability.

Breakout Session VI – How to protect the free flow of information online and improve the coordination between different stakeholders such as state bodies, private sector and civil society.

Watch this video about Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of the country of Georgia. Tbilisi was founded in the 5th century and its diverse architecture encompasses Eastern Orthodox churches and ornate art nouveau buildings.

Experience Kakheti Region in Georgia

Kakheti Region is a place with beautiful mountains, lakes, waterfalls and wineries, gorgeous landscapes, cave monasteries and history on every corner, delicious food and locals who treat every guest as if he were an angel, look no further than Kakheti. Kakheti travel guide won’t be complete without mentioning that it is also the cradle of wine. Wine-making tradition here dates back to 6000 BC. The traditional method of making wine – in clay pots called qvevri – is still used and makes very unique flavored wines. The art of making qvevri is passed down generations and is UNESCO heritage. Rtveli is held every September and is one of the most important rural harvest holidays in Georgia. As mentioned above, Kakheti wine and winemaking play a huge role in the lives of Kakhetian people. Rtveli, is considered to be almost as old as Georgia itself, is a very significant and joyful event in which nearly everyone participates. Nowhere is it celebrated more exuberantly than in Kakheti wine region, where the Kakhetians observe every aspect of the holiday, from grape picking to squeezing the grapes in the winepress and celebrating a long day of hard work with a traditional feast alongside extended family and friends.

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